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Espresso Martini

Devised for a famous supermodel in a bar in London in 1983 when she requested a top mixologist for a drink that would wake her up and ****** her up.... 

The resulting drink was the Espresso Martini made from:

1 part Kahlua
2 parts vodka
1 shot of freshly brewed espresso coffee

Start by adding the kahlua into a cocktail shaker, then the vodka and finally the shot of coffee.

Add ice. 

And shake to give it the froth by which a good Espresso Martini is judged the world over.

Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a few fresh espresso beans.


Kahlua is the most popular choice of coffee liquer, but some people prefer it with Tia Maria which is a little less sweet.

An Espresso Martini